Dog Leash Retractable with Free Waste Bag Dispenser and Bags Bonus Bowl

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  • 🐾 DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY 🐾 While other retractable dog leashes easily snap, quickly fray, and can be easily chewed through, our retracting dog walking leash is made using an extra-tough nylon ribbon with a chrome-plated snap hook reinforced at the joint. This means toughness to control dogs up to 110 pounds and durability to withstand daily use.
  • 🐾 GET IN CONTROL 🐾 Our retractable dog leash comes with a unique ‘brake n lock’ system to give your pup room to wander while you’re still in control. With just one button, you can engage free mode to let your pooch explore, lock the leash in place, or smoothly reel it back in.
  • 🐾 THOUGHTFULNESS IN DESIGN 🐾 You’ll love the anti-slip handle that treats you to enhanced comfort, the premium retracting spring that’s tough enough to work even in freezing temperatures, and the 16ft cord that allows your canine pal to explore but still remain within safe distanc
  • 🐾 GET YOUR FREEBIES 🐾 We’ve included a FREE bone-shaped dog waste bag dispenser, 1 roll of plastic waste bags and a travel bowl with every heavy duty retractable leash. The waste bag dispenser conveniently clips onto the handle of the retractable pet leash to free up your hands and let you really enjoy that walk.



Durability You’ll Love
Have a pooch that constantly pulls? An enthusiastic pup that suddenly dashes after anything that whisks by? Then you’ll love the
strength of our retractable dog leash! We’ve purposefully designed it with durability in mind; to securely control small, medium, 
and large dogs up to 110 pounds. We’ve fitted our retracting leash with an extra-strong nylon cable that doesn’t easily snap like 
others do, a chrome-plated snap hook with a reinforced joint to eliminate any weak points, a premium recoil spring that works 
even in sub-zero temperatures, and tough ABS casing to handle any accidental drops. Stop buying dog leashes every couple
months; get one you won’t feel the need to replace.


All About Control
Our mission is simple: to ensure both you and your canine pal thoroughly enjoy your walk! And we’ve achieved this by giving your
pup room to explore and giving you maximum control through our leash’s unique ‘brake n lock’ system. Lock the leash at its
current length, make the leash come straight back, or let your doggie roam wild by engaging free mode with a simple press or
flick of a single button. And we’ve turned up the control with an ergonomic anti-slip handle; so the retracting leash will never get 
away from you even if your beefy pooch suddenly pulls or runs.


Here are more reasons to love this retracting dog leash:

- Extends up to 16ft to maintain a balance of freedom and control.

- Comes in a choice of eye-catching and cute colors to suit any taste.

- The fray-proof nylon ribbon is tough for most dogs to chew through.

- Can be comfortable used by men, women, and kids.

Make walking your pup a total treat for the both of you. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and get a FREE dog waste bag dispenser with 1 roll of plastic bags and a free bowl!


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