Pawbo Life Pet Camera: WiFi HD Video with 2-Way Audio, Treat Dispenser and Laser Game

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Treat Dispenser and Laser Game

These days staying connected through gadgets is the obvious. Now is the time we stayed connected to our pets. The only true love these days. Listen and respond appropriately. Be on the go, most! Be right here, almost! Pawbo Life brings you close. A true multiple entertaining app, bonding you and your pets to a whole another level.


  • Pawbo Life camera (PPC-21CL) w/ 720p HD live video, 130° wide-angle lens, and 4x digital room, capture and record every precious moments from your mobile device.
  • Built-in microphone/speaker/laser/treat dispenser let you listen, talk and reward your pet's favorite snack or play & interact with your pet anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant social sharing: snap photos and share your pet and family's adorable images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Remote Pawbo Theme Park accessories / control multiple Pawbo cameras / connect up to 8 users simultaneously.
  • Easy set up Pawbo Life app: support iOS 8 or later (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android 4.0.3 or later version. Wi-Fi environment required 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz) connectivity with WPA2-AES encryption. Pawbo support team via service.usa


Pawbo Life - A smart pet camera brings you close to your pet!

Stay Together! Play Together!

Fun & Interactive product for better audio & video communication.

High quality approach to providing you a better connected visual experience.

Improving the sense of happiness through wireless connectivity with your pets.

Multiple Best Friends Allows up to 8 users to chat with your pet through Pawbo at one time.

Instant Sharing Captures every precious moment and shares pictures instantly on social media.

Two-Way Talk Owners can hear and speak to pets anytime, anywhere.

Treat Dispenser Owners can reward their pets for good behaviour immediately.

Light Pointer Game Controlled from your phone, entertains pets manually or set to play automatically.

Pawbo Family Remotely operated accessories bring more interaction to you and your pets.


With Pawbo Life, you can do:

HD live streaming: 130° wide-angle lens with 720p HD and 4x digital zoom.

Two way-talk: video chat with your pets at the touch of your Pawbo Life app.

Laser game: play & interact with your pet manually or automatically.

Treat dispenser: let owners reward their pets for good behaviour.

Ringtone notifications: get your pets' attentions and train your pets to respond.

Snap & sharing: snap shot and share them instantly on social media.

Video recording: record videos and store them on your mobile device


Play & interact with your pets anytime, anywhere!

Pets left alone can become lonely. With Pawbo life, you can See/Talk/Treat/Play with your furry friends while you are away from home. Pawbo Life brings more fun and quality time to you and your pets.

Three steps:

 Step 1: Download Pawbo Life app (orange icon) from iOS or Android platform. 

  • Step 2: Connect Pawbo Life through Pawbo Life app.
  • Step 3: Find your home WiFi.

In The box:  

  • Pawbo Life pet camera (PPC-21CL).
  • 100~240v AC power adapter.
  • Quick guide.

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